This is one of my favourite songs by Barbra Streisand. Both the lyrics and the music are so moving.

As director of "The Prince of Tides", Streisand felt that it was not right for either her or her character, Lowenstein, to sing at the end of the film, but so beautiful was the theme melody to the film that she asked Alan and Marilyn Bergman to write lyrics to it so she could include it in the soundtrack recording.

Performed by: Barbra Streisand
Produced by: James Newton Howard & Barbra Streisand
Music by: James Newton Howard
Lyrics by: Alan & Marilyn Bergman
Orchestra Conducted by: Marty Paich
Arranged by: Brad Dechter, Marty Paich, Humme Mann
Recorded at Sony Studios Scoring
Stage by: Shawn Murphy
Mixed at Conway Recording by: John Arrias

Mornings, Evenings
Days that hurry past
Dreams that should have lasted

Moments, Hours,
Slipping by as we
Told each other secrets

I'll never let go of the memories
Something always seems
To remind me
Of how it was,
Of what it was,
What it was,
All there was

Laughter, Love songs,
Footsteps that I hear
Make me think you're near me

Poems, pictures,
Letters never mailed
Boats that never sailed

That even though we can't be together,
We're more for having loved one another
We shared the sky
We learnt to fly
Someday when someone else's arms are around us
When time has put some distance between us
The years will kindly show
Our memories come and go
They ebb and flow like the tide

There are quiet places in my heart
Ever since we parted
Gentle, tender
Traces of a song
Places that belong to you

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Written by: Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Marvin Hamlisch

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