Composer Billy Goldenberg was hired to write the theme music for UP THE SANDBOX. To help promote the film, the studio thought it would be a good idea if lyrics were added so I could sing it and they could release it as a record.

While I thought the melody was beautiful, I decided against using any song over the end credits because I wanted people to leave the theatre thinking about the important woman's issues raised by the film. Alan and Marilyn Bergman wrote lyrics to it and the song became "If I Close My Eyes". But it never appeared on any of my albums (until Just For The Record).

- Barbra Streisand

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If I close my eyes
I can fly,
If I close my eyes
If I close my eyes
I can fly,
I can drink the rain
And taste the sky,
I can catch the wind
And make it mine
Like the sun
I shine.

Suddenly a door
Opens wide
To a thousand paths
I've never tried
"Follow follow me"
I hear them say
And you'll find
Your way

Maybe dream's a dream
So that we can see
Just how real the dawn
Can be.

All the dawn can be
Comes as no surprise
If I simply close my eyes.

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