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"Titanic : James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay "
by James Cameron & Randall Frakes
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"The Complete Titanic: From the Ship's Earliest Blueprints to the Epic Film "
by Stephen J. Spignesi
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"Tonight on the Titanic "
by Mary Pope Osborne & Sal Murdocca
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"882 1/2 Amazing Answers to Questions About the Titanic"
Hugh Brewster & Laurie Coulter
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"Leonardo Dicaprio: Romantic Hero"
Mark Bego
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"Leonardo Dicaprio
Douglas Thompson
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Oscar Statuette

Best Picture - won
Best Director - James Cameron - won
Best Actress - Kate Winslet - lost to Helen Hunt
Best Supporting Actress - Gloria Stuart - lost to Kim Basinger
Best Cinematography- won
Best Film Editing- won
Best Art Direction - won
Best Costume Design - won
Best Original Dramatic Score- won
Best Original Song - won
Best Make-up - lost to Men In Black
Best Visual Effects - won
Best Sound - won
Best Sound Effects Editing- won

Congratulations on tying with "All About Eve" for the film
with the most number of Oscar nominations and on tying with
Ben Hur to have won the most number of awards (11 awards).
Click here for the Oscar's Official Page for full reporting.
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Rarely does a film have the power to touch one so deeply. I would love to hear your thoughts on what I consider the best movie ever made, so do email. If anyone can help me get hold of a copy of the Golden Globe Awards this year, I would so appreciate it. Also, I am interested in interviews with Leonardo, Kate and/or James Cameron on Oprah, Rosie and other good TV shows. Can you help? I will love you forever!

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